70How it All Began.

Setting up this blog felt like a natural progression from a facebook page I set up over a year ago.

The initial reason for the page was to share quotes that I have enjoyed writing and reading over the last few years. It’s been a real delight to find a surprising amount of people finding the page, liking and sharing and after some requests for a website, I took the plunge and here I am.

I have just written my first post and am now enjoying discovering other blogs and finding new content which will be lovely to share.

Helping One Another.

69I do hope you find the content interesting and helpful that’s shared here. I found, and still do find, lots of inspiration and positivity from the quotes I read and love writing my own ones, hoping they are also as enjoyable to read as they are to create.

In my own life, I have had highs and lows, as most of us go through and to find that you are not alone, that others are going through similar experiences can be invaluable.

You can find us on social media using the easy buttons located at the bottom of this blog.

For fellow bloggers, I will be frequently sharing others who post interesting content relevant to well being. So, feel free to say hi, follow and will gladly read and share some posts. After all, this is all for those of us that don’t have to go it alone.

With Warmth and Wishes






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