Life Is Better When We Are Together x


I am not the only one to notice this. In fact, many people are acutely aware that we are doing our own existence a massive disfavour.  There is a overt emphasis on independence and achievement, which is becoming more and more transparent through the past few decades.

forsaken-1273885_1280An epidemic of stress in both young and old is spreading. A person’s core psyche is being compromised. There is a marked increase of societal pressures ranging from monetary to academic achievements. This in turn leads to isolation, bullying, poverty and more.  It is affecting our mental and physical health in many ways.  We neglect ourselves, our family, friendships and grossly miss out on the fundamentals of living an abundant, happy fulfilled life.

If we were to look down upon our lives and have the capability of seeing the way we live life in its entirety, we would realise how unnatural and dangerous it is becoming to humanity.

One of the most important aspects to stabilize mental and physical health is to grow and nurture our relationships with those around us. It is a proven tonic to our wellbeing and in the chaotic way we live our lives, it is all to often neglected. We put off phone calls to family members, we postpone or cancel arrangements with friends because ‘we are too busy’ and simply have no time to just ‘be.’ No wonder statistics are soaring for all types of illnesses from heart disease to severe depression.


So as you end your day today, on the thoughts of tomorrow, try to make the time to put aside your daily pressures, after all they will still be there when you go back to them. Make time in your schedule for that coffee with a long awaited friend, go to that event at the weekend make time for you and  your loved ones. If you struggle in a social setting or don’t have a good circle of family and friends, then set yourself a challenge of joining a group with something that interests you. You’ll realise that this is essential for your wellbeing xx

With warmth and wishes xx


Life is Better When We are Together!



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