If you can’t be kind to others, then at least don’t harm them x

heart-47950__180Love and Empathy…..

Do we have enough love and empathy in the world ? As a whole, it seems not, especially media depictions. If we dig deeper though, we find thousands of stories that show unlimited amounts of unconditional love and support for loved ones, complete strangers and our animal friends.

You see, only when going through something so unimaginably painful do you come to realise those who are really there for you. The capacity for others to understand something they may never of suffered themselves, but yet reach out their hands and support you is priceless.

There are some who abscond from your life.  There is a reason people are sometimes referred to as ‘fair weather,’ some just can’t be in the storm with you. You come to a point where you accept peoples different levels of tolerance and allow to let it go, rather than to feel the pain of loss. They may have their own storms they are battling or they may only bask in the ignorant bliss of the sun.

Without love and empathy though, our race may no longer be here. The two have saved lives. They are essential elements for our survival, sustaining life every single moment of every day.

Take for example the enormous love and empathy shown for parts of the world whose jcxodkdzicountries are witnessing destruction, poverty, violence and death on a daily basis. World wide support comes from individuals risking their lives to help ‘save’ those they can. Charities do their utmost to deliver essentials and media correspondents live dangerously close to the edge to bring awareness to those who can help.

Knowing that human beings do that. Knowing that some of us do our utmost to minimise the destruction given from natural disasters to horrible acts of violence, this is like sharing a tonic to our toxic world. It progresses us. Only those who live to destroy others are destroying themselves ultimately.

Love and empathy is infectious. When all around you there are people lifting others, giving help, educating and emitting love, to become a part of that is a natural and an amazing feeling.

The other side of the coin. To walk with blinkers on, insular and arrogant, judging and condemning is ultimately lazy, greedy and destructive to others and to themselves.  It takes true strength and character to practice empathy, to be kind and give love.

Every day we hear of people doing atrocious acts around the world, justifying it by their many extreme, imaginary beliefs. What they fail to realise is they are a slave to their own minds some of which have been tied up in lies by people who seek to control them.

To break the chains they are in, even if they have been in them since birth would be our greatest gift to them.


There was a documentary about a young girl who had suffered from the hands of others right from birth, when she was rescued, still very young, she transferred some of that suffering to a sibling and animals. This is how sometimes behaviours manifest, they are learnt and become part of you when you are young and vulnerable. Fortunately through the right education and patience, love and support, she broke free from her past and was able to see right from wrong. What a wonderful moment it was to see she had also gained in her soul love and empathy. This had been repressed prior by people who sought to destroy her.

So here is to us who are blessed with the ability of feeling love and empathy.

It truly changes lives.




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