Peace and Serenity Five Top Tips

Up and Down the Rabbit Hole has been given a lovely nomination for the Serenity Blog Award. 

Serenity Blog is written by a group of people and offering collaborations with other writers. They cover a range of topics including intersectional feminism, mental health, physical health, health and well-being, friendship, loyalty, and social justice topics. Their main theme within the blog is creating a place of calmness. You can check out what its all about here

Being given the idea from these guys to write about peace, I wanted to offer five top tips on how to find peace within yourself and how I go about finding peace in those every day life challenges.

gratitude-word-cloud#1 Give Gratitude

Given gratitude to the times in life when all has been well in you, in the world around us and in general is imperative. Its important because it makes us hold on to what is good in life and stands us in good stead for when we have to deal with lifes harder moments. When I have those windows of light that I want to bottle and hold on to forever, I store them in my memory bank, consciously and find gratitude for being given that precious time, I pull it out when I am facing a tough situation and remember that a down time is only temporary and that life will be good again x

everything-begins-with-a-kind-heart#2 Be Kind

For some this comes naturally, some are too kind, too nice and for that perhaps reigning in the amount of energy spent on others is warranted. For those who are becoming frayed by the unravelling of life and its pulling from all directions, you may be finding yourself becoming extremely insular, less tolerant and maybe not even liking what you have become. This is when a ‘kind crisis rescue kit’ is needed.  Whether it be for a family member, friend, the community, those in need, get out there and do a kind deed. It really is good for your health! It brings you back to your true self as a human being, stripping away all of those heavy burdens you have and giving you light to your soul, and of course to others. Its a peaceful feeling. I try to do this regularly.

#3 Quiet time

Its time to quieten down your mind noise. Have you ever soaked in the bath, ready for a nice ‘quiet’ period with your bubbles and heat, close your eyes and ‘boom’ your internal thoughts are going ten to the dozen. In fact, if anyone could listen to it, other than you, they may think your thoughts were overlapping themselves and focusing on 100 different ponderings at once. There is a quieter version of your internal drone which you will find, through the layers of the more dominant thoughts, and that lower layer is the one with the power to quieten your mind down! Easier said than done right? Well the more we actively seek it through the louder tones in your head, the more it evades us. Like lost keys, when your not looking for them, they seem to just ‘appear.’ The same can be said of the calming tone. Let all of those other ‘louder’ thoughts  come and go, without judgement and without surrendering to them, focusing on your breath.


I find a meditation track or s0unds of a babbling brook especially helpful for me when I am meditating. All I am doing is deep breathing. In for 4 hold for 2 out for 6, there are varying timings depending on what feels comfortable for you. Its important to take those breathes slowly though. Without you even being aware, slowly the loud internal noise gets quieter, less invasive, less important. In time, it seems as though that calm layer has been found and has the power to dissipate the battle of thoughts. Over time and repetition of this exercise it will only get better and better. Power to the peace within!

No more

#4 Say NO

I know its hard, some find it easy but there are some of us, me included, that find it difficult to say ‘NO.’ Although I am making good strides in my progress, working on this for the best part of all my life, you can never stop practicing! (I’m 38 btw!)

How do we say NO though? Sometimes a simple ‘NO’ would sound off/rude if it was said in response to a request that requires more than a monosyllabic word. Well, although you may think this would be a tad embarrassing, its actually not at all. Find someone who you feel close with and who finds saying NO easy to practice this with. Then role play as many different scenarios as possible. It simply is practicing. If you do not have any one close, it may be worth seeking out a local assertiveness course or finding a councillor/therapist who can work on this with you.

Finding peace from saying ‘NO’ ……..well, is lovely. No guilt complex, no mulling over and second guessing what people may of thought in response to you. You literally have PEACE & SERENITY.


detail_886_10896#5 Be true to YOU (no one else.)

There is a phrase, that has been repeatedly echoed in our family since childhood and it is ‘To thine own self be true.’ A shakespearian quote, familiar to many.

When your growing up, you don’t really understand the importance of such a nugget of wisdom. It does get subconsciously instilled in you more than you realise, I later found.

Observing though there are so many people are not being true to themselves every day. Living a lie, to themselves and to others. How can you find peace in this dilemma.

If you can, for your own serenity, try with all of your heart and soul to be true to you, for there in lies peace and maybe lies peace for others too!

Also give hugs and smiles, they’re good too xx

With warmth and wishes xx



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