We are all like flowers, and life is a box of Chocolates.

Rose_Bouquet_PNG_Transparent_Clipart.pngA friend brought a lovely bunch of flowers when coming over for a meal this friday and it was the catalyst to writing todays post…..

We are a lot like flowers.

As all of us grow, we experience and learn many things. From the moment we are born to the current time we are in, we are born to blossom and share with one another for our very survival. Life experiences can come in the metaphorical form of wind, drought, sunlight and water, which we can bask in or wilt in.

If you can keep your roots strong, you will find that you can withstand most things, perhaps with some missing or damaged parts along the way, but they will soon heal again. We are all malleable and have the ability to adapt.

‘…………………It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. – CHARLES DARWIN

We can self sabotage ourselves too though. We can literally not allow ourselves to bloom fully.

How ?

wilting-flowerGROWING TOO FAST

Some of us grow so fast, that we can, metaphorically like a flower, open too quickly and make ourselves incredibly vulnerable to the outside elements. Elements, representing life experiences need a tough and strong root and stem which comes with time.  Don’t be in a rush to bloom and see the world. For all of its beauty, there is also beauty within you, so let it unfold slowly. Protect yourself. If not, then all of the experiences, like nature’s elements can be too strong to endure and you will need protection to repair yourself. Do not be too giving, too soon 😉



There is also the other extreme where some, whether this has come from external or internal issues, consciously or not, have stopped growing to full bloom.  As you develop you naturally become a bud, but continue to grow. It should be a temporary stage not a permanent state.  If you don’t grow and your buds are closed tight, then both you and the rest of the world suffers. It can literally make you in a state of insular limbo. You take everything but give nothing back. In characteristic terms, you can become egotistical, self righteous, judgemental, materialistic and ignorant. How can you be the best you can be if you are not able to share anything with the world? There is a much more satisfying life beyond this entrapment you may have encased yourself in.



Then their are those who are ‘dis-eased,’ like seeds who are infected, covered with badness and not whole.

Humans who are riddled with angst, consciously not willing to start growing, nevermind bloom can be tough to repair. Sometimes they could be the first tainted one or come from a batch of damaged seeds. Because of this, they are doing the opposite of their natural course, they  spread disease (‘dis-ease’.) whereever they go.

In historic and current affairs, there are millions of people who are using their angst at many things rather than looking deep inside to do some self change and cure their angry ‘dis-ease’ into productive growth. They could bloom, share positivity and goodness across the world and allow themselves to continue to survive. These particular ones may not recognise they are ‘dis-eased’ and thrive on the damage they spread. What they do not realise is that just by passing it around, giving it to others, doesn’t make them exempt, it will just infest in them more and destroy them, ultimately.

The best way to counteract this is to minimise the damage caused, not add to it by destroying all the untouched seeds surrounding the bad ones. An infected crop can be changed and new seeds can be planted and grow once again, to bloom and share beauty and life everywhere.

We are not flowers, but in many ways we are similar.  Flowers are all different. Some thrive alongside one another very well, some can try to take over other ones, some are infested and some are broken, but with a little tender love and care they can all grow and thrive and live in harmony. Just like in your garden, a park, fields and woodland.  Nature is amazing and if nature can do it, then so can we.


Throughout this blog,  I try to share my own thoughts, experiences, in the hope that, in writing this, it may help others in their journey through life. Its a wonderful thing to read and share other blogs and articles as we never stop learning and widening our knowledge.

Do not look for answers in the wrong areas. Do not look for a place in the world that comes from damage, how can that heal you, it will just make you more damaged too.

So, be you, be the best version of yourself, in all your wonderful bloom. If you feel you are not able to, seek help in safety. There are plenty of organisations who can help, family and friends too.


For humanity to continue, may we all scatter love everywhere and give the whole world what the earth gives to us. Life. – Up and Down the Rabbit Hole

….and life really is like a box of chocolates. a mixture, all different ones, some that are your favourites and some that are just not for you.  The great thing with chocolate, is that you just want more 😀 xx

Enjoy life x




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