Wish upon a star to do something…….

19004673What are you wishing for this Christmas……?

This time of year means so many things to people around the world. For some it means nothing, for others a chance to rejoice at a man named Jesus being born or celebrating saint nicholas, for most though its  an exciting time as it means untold christmas indulgences.  What if none of those above is something you feel a part of. What if, you’re one of the increasing number around the world where christmas fills you with a sense of loss and emptiness. You could be homeless, hungry and freezing. You could be alone with little or no company. Its not a time of year you look forward to and no one caring shines like a beacon instead of the glittering star on the christmas tree’s in many homes.

In this day and age surely this shouldn’t be happening. Surely those people with more than they need, give to those who need it, especially at christmas. Some do, but for many it sits in the back of their minds. It appears for many that christmas is ever increasingly turning into a time that promotes self luxuries and little else. Some have never known struggles, some have never known how it feels to be alone at christmas. All they are aware of is being spoilt rotten with food, gifts and love.


Money Makes the System Rich.

Its all a part of the system. We buy in, we get out. If you can’t buy in then you get little back. Its as simple as that. Some think that those who are not fortunate enough, are not hard working, some feel that it’s their own faults for a myriad of reasons. It is, for the most part, none of those things. There are families going hungry who struggle to pay into a system that is designed to divide a wall between rich and poor.  The poor miss out and the rich continue on a roller coaster of unneeded luxuries to ensure the very system that is creating this ugly world keeps on going.

Christmas is about giving, but we are feeding the wrong ones. We are giving to a society which has been set up to feed those who are rich to be richer, not those who are poor to be able to exist in this world.

2e17b5b777c19ac126c026bb231ffd3cImagine Christmas without anyone.

When you envisage your christmas you may be dreading the entourage of family or welcoming it. You get stressed with the itinerary of christmas day, just like a wedding, everything needs to be covered.  We put untold amounts of pressure on ourselves and others by spending copious amounts of time and money shopping to ensure everyone is happy with what they get in those big shiny parcels. Its one day, but anyone would think we were planning for our very own coronations.

Imagine, in contrast, if you had absolutely no one to share that one day in the year with, when it seems the whole world is having a jolly up. Imagine looking out of your window to see every other window full of cheer and surprise, opening presents and toasting the festive day. For whatever reason, there are millions of people spending that one day alone. Perhaps its the older lady walking her dog who goes home to empty chairs, maybe the young man who has no family and just can’t wait for it to be over. It can be a painful time for many.

Wish upon a star for you to do something…….


Its all well and good sparing a thought for those who are unable to have the same luxuries. Its all well and good praying for people to have nice times with family and friends, but putting it bluntly, sparing a thought or wishing for change ultimately makes you feel better, but without action it isn’t actually changing a thing for those who need much more than well wishes.

If it did, with all the thoughts and prayers we do on earth, the whole world would be healed, wouldn’t it?

Hoping for those who don’t have the things we have is well meant, but unfortunately without action, it isn’t doing a thing.

So what can we do to balance it out? Well, firstly perhaps we need to wish for ourselves to do something…..surely that is the turning point.

If every single person in this world did something that was solely aimed for just pure love and generosity to a stranger who may not have as much as you in money, in friendship, in family, in love, then perhaps we can make this world a better place ?

eight4Perhaps it means delivering one little card to the lady down the street who receives no cards let alone any presents. Perhaps it means going to an old peoples home to spend some time talking to some folks there who may not have anyone coming to visit them this year. Maybe its organising a bed in one of the many charitable hostels for someone instead of them sleeping on a cold stone floor. You could give out lunch to people without a home. Maybe knock on that lonely neighbours door and ask them to christmas dinner. However you decide to help, it counts.

There is so much you can do rather than praying and hoping for change. The only person that can change things is you, because without you, the world stays the same.  If we have learned anything in life, not one thing changes unless we make changes. If you do really care for the world, for others, then you will not just sit and observe the misfortunes of others and pity people. No one wants to be pitied. Its a wasteful emotion. My father always says ‘A little help is worth more than a lot of pity’ and how true that really is.

So the one thing I wish for myself and others is that we do something this year.

There are many that already do, all they need is others to help make this world a happier place for all to be in.

Love Rabbit xx


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6 thoughts on “Wish upon a star to do something…….

  1. Very inspiring, and eye opening. I try to be open all year long to people’s needs, but it is true that the Holidays are the best time to get people who are not used to giving, to try and realize how good it feels to actually do something tangible for strangers…

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