……Spread that good news x

……It feels good to be writing this blog today…….it’s been a while due to personal circumstance. Hoping you all had a nice time over the festive period, for those that didn’t then I do hope that you got through it okay. Those sentiments are a little overdue, but hopefully this post will make up for it. Here’s hoping your 2017 has been kind to you so far and will continue to offer you and others it.

8917899408_71f9e01eb7_z……I try to write about things that I believe will help others in their journey of life and all the ups and downs that go with it. I am far from the oracle though. Like us all, I am both a student and a master. It would be impossible for me to have the capacity to have answers, advice and cover everything, because I haven’t experienced everything. I haven’t learnt everything. I will never experience it all, but a little portion of my ramblings may just help others and for that reason I write. Considering the amount of people in the world, the different wants, needs, issues, cultural differences, belief systems, etc, it certainly would be foolish and ignorant to think I could help everyone with my scribbles. I would be claiming to be ‘god’ would I not?

Well that’s something I, nor any other, are not. Whomever or whatever you conceive ‘god’ to be: An alien from outer space, a celestial being all knowing and all seeing, a master to which you are a slave to, a goodness we could never come close to, the universe…… One thing’s for sure, no one on this earth could ever emulate ‘god.’ It’s impossible, although some try.  Whatever your faith is, then I do hope that it is harmless and kind for you and for others.

dfb72096bd878a6184143b6a772bb8b3When I write the ‘ups and downs of life’ I am only able to touch on a fraction of those trials and tribulations we, as human beings encounter. My posts are relative to those who may of walked a similar path, those that have a similar struggle they need to manage or overcome, those that may share a similar view point or wish to challenge it. Every ones ups and downs are unique, but by sharing and reading all of ours with one another, it creates a community of support on different issues, topics, challenges and is a safe haven for many. It brings togetherness to some who want to have an anonymous space to be a part of, if they would like. Its a little bit of goodness and kindness I can offer here.

What I love, more than anything, is to see an ever increasing group of people who want to spread love, peace, harmony, support and advice. Seeing blogs written selflessly, seeing support given to family, friends, acquaintances, strangers in pure love. Seeing individuals share their nuggets of wisdom to others to create a better humanity, to encourage and back those who serve to spread love and light.

Today someone close by decided to donate selflessly some supplies to the homeless. Its those little things that make me warm inside and have faith in humanity. Its catching too. It creates a chain to inspire me, to inspire you, to inspire others.

give-kindness-give-loveWouldn’t it be wonderful to see our seeds of goodness be part of a larger movement. To be embraced and promoted on every media vehicle available. This is infectious, this creates love.  It appears our good deeds seem to be a lot easier to carry out than the actions a portion of the human race who relish destruction devise. They plan their evil deeds months and years, some train or research for their blaze of glory.  Its not natural and its nasty. Why do those who create badness, hiding in the dirty cracks of our existence, get the attention in the media? We are just fueling the awareness, their propaganda, when the simple solution is to do the exact opposite. We play into their hands. I know we are way more intelligent than that, right?


Somewhere, I suspect a long time ago, bad news became the addiction and good news was thrown to the side. Who knows why ? Perhaps those who create and feed bad news were able to programme us all to not resist it either. We live in a world where we are victims of subliminal conditioning. With knowledge comes power though and if you can see through this, then you are gaining freedom. When I did some research whilst writing this paragraph I stumbled across this. It appears many others have this viewpoint too. It touches on a few pointers I wrote here as well as some surprising findings.

The media appear to just follow what is being viewed. They too are slaves to what we have been programmed to enjoy.  They generally ignore the good stories and focus on the bad, for one reason only – high viewing statistics equals money.

Everyone of us, unintentionally and unconsciously give it power by watching, listening and reading about it.  Why don’t we give power to the good news? Don’t be modest about your good deeds, spread it. In the age of social media, we have some control of what we see, what we contribute. Even facebook wants to help you according to what you digest. It can of course help or hinder you.  If you look at inspiring news and articles, it will naturally become a news feed interspersed with happy, positive and inspiring content, but if you give attention to bad news then that is what you are likely to be bombarded with. There are a growing number of news streams that are becoming more and more popular with some really positive news like Upworthy and supportive websites such as The Mighty for those modern day diseases.

df37182332c2a5463f34823d7e022106We have control, we have choices. It would be ignorant to not learn about what is going on in the world so long as that news encourages us to be proactive and make changes. Informative news can create awareness and in turn, motivate people to find ways to help in anyway they can.  Things like petitions and charity funding campaigns create good changes in our world.

There is so much goodness in the world. Be a part of those that seeks to promote good on our earth. The only way to rid humanity of darkness is by spreading light! …



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