I am in Awe! Why ?

I am in AWE !… Why ? 

Some footage captured of a forgotten Kingdom I have just blissfully viewed with a soothing soundtrack had to  be shared with you all. I accidentally stumbled across it, and I had no choice but to be mesmerised. It is infinitely beautiful……

Screenshot 2017-05-09 at 00.16.51

……Our earth, if left to nature, is nothing short of a magical miracle. This will leave you experiencing a lot of emotions in the aftermath of watching it. It certainly did for me.

A Forgotton Kingdom – Mysterious Cave Deep In Vietnamese Forest

incredible-underground-kingdom_12Hang Son Doong or “River Mountain Cave” was the largest unexplored cave in the world, until Howard and Deb Limbert and others of the British Caving Society traveled inside. Now, a drone has captured what our eye can’t see directly,  to take us all on an ‘in worldly’ journey through the subterranean wonder…..

After watching the footage below, I realised I was in one of the deepest meditative state I have encountered, entirely random and unprepared. Doesn’t this just take your breathe away ?

Since reading the science behind meditation and how miraculous it can be our mind, body and soul, I have been regularly doing the whole ‘shibang’ of its process (for my made up words I shall have a reference soon!)  so this come as a welcome surprise!  I am doing the holistic healing on walks, in the bath, in the shower, in yoga, in bed, doing work, the housework, eating and other such activities. I am living and breathing it, literally. In fact any time I can turn myself into ‘auto-med’ mode, I seize the opportunity – I think by now, you catch my drift.

Without going into the whole ‘razzle-dazzle’ of the technical aspects of meditation, or sending you a purposely engineered meditation video, although they are great when learning, I much preferred sharing what is, in my humble opinion, accidentally the most wonderful  ‘IN-Of-This-World’ experience for us beings to experience and to use for meditation !!

ENJOY and let me know what you think. Did you get the same too ??!! xx

via Drone Captures Mysterious Cave Deep In Vietnamese Forest, Footage Reveals Forgotten Kingdom. – InspireMore


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