Rabbit Ramblings

All in Good Time…..

‘Time….Its a sorcery all of its own, a magic that no one can touch. We can’t change time, we can’t turn back clocks, but we can make a difference to our future, and whatever that maybe for me and for you, lets hope it makes a positive impact on this world, which diminishes those that seek to destroy it.’ – Up and Down the Rabbit Hole

Dogs are the teachers……a beautiful article by North West Frame of Mind – Dogs are our link to Paradise.

Saw this beautifully written article from ‘North West Frame of Mind’ and had to share.

As this is an article about our beloved four paw buddies, I also wanted to introduce you to our beautiful dog, Lara, a rescue dog and a beloved member of our family. Life is all the better with her in it and when she ran into our arms from the kennel we never looked back. She was rescued from a life of misery in a tin shed. Needless to say, with her new found freedom and home she has been having her ‘puppy days’ and its a blessing to see.